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Are you in your comfort zone?

Many years ago, I found myself out of my comfort-zone. It made me feel uncomfortable, scared and totally on high alert/flight mode.  In fact, I spent twelve plus years of my life in that state. No wonder I came out of that period of my life in a bit of a state but also exhausted. […]

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Too much stuff

Yikes!  We have too much stuff. We have turned into mass consumers of stuff. We buy things to fulfil our lives, as opposed to buying experiences.   We have become so wrapped up in spending, we have lost sight of what truly constitutes happy.   I truly believe that there is a Revolution brewing and […]

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Money that’s what I want

Do you know where your money goes? No, me neither although I am getting better.   For many years I was told I wasn’t good with money and my teachers told me that I could not do maths. Well, guess what?   I believed them.   Ironic as it seems now, but in 2002 to 2012 […]

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