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How do you keep yourself on track?   I, like many others, have often set intentions for the forthcoming week but without accountability, often have found myself failing. After all, if there is so no-one there to check in on you, it’s easy to tell yourself that it’s okay, you will try again next week. […]

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Learning to love yourself

Working with so many women, as I do, there is an underlying theme.   So many women have struggled for most of their lives with a lack of self-love. What I mean by that, is not the kind of love where you look at yourself in the mirror and think “um I look great tonight.” […]

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Acceptance and Forgiveness

I feel happy. I cannot deny it, but it’s taken years, six to be exact.  Six long years of self-reflection and healing.  It’s not been that pretty to be fair and often I have found that it’s not just a case of forgiving ‘someone else’ but forgiving myself for things I did not do so […]

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How to love your body

I googled the other day “How to love…….” Just to see what came up. Guess what was the number one answer? “How to love your body”. It shows that so many people are not really loving themselves and asking Google for the answer. Of course, a plethora of self-help books created anyone searching for the […]

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