New Year, New opportuntities

Happy New year to each and everyone of you! It’s true to say that 2019 is all about a new start, in fact, every year is, isn’t it? But this is another year of learning and great opportunities for me. Firstly, my social media posts are going to be different this year. I will, of […]

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The Getty Family – a moral story of our time

Over the Christmas period I watched an entire box set, something I rarely do. ‘TRUST’ is the story of the beleaguered Getty family, the oil dynasty, whose family affairs make EastEnders looks like something Enid Blyton wrote. The story focuses on the suicide of John Paul Getty’s brother, his broken relationship with his son, John […]

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Tenerife rocks

On my last day in Tenerife, I felt drawn to share a blog with you that has more depth to it than the usual what I did on holiday. Firstly, I had two targets – to show that I could holiday on my own comfortably. I’m glad to say I nailed it. I never felt […]

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