CD’s Wow! But no longer Now?

How many CD’s do you have?  How many do you actually play these days? The same applies for videos and DVDs? What are the realistic chances of you ever playing these relics again? I call them relics, because, of course, in our high-tech age, downloads are par for the course using either your Apple Device or similar or downloading via Mixcloud/Soundcloud/Spotify or any other music source.


So, with that said, how do you let go/declutter your collections?


There is good news! I appreciate how hard it is to let go of music collections as they evoke memories of the past.  I spent years with my Paul Young vinyl clutched to my heart, I get it!


However, sites like are a great way to sell your music plus make some money too. Download the app onto your phone and get selling. If you would prefer to just give away (which I prefer – after all, have you not had your fun playing them?) then is a great way to pass your CDs onto someone who will get such enjoyment out of them.


Letting go and giving away with no thought to the financial implications is an amazing way of attracting abundance into your life. What you are effectively saying is that you don’t have a problem with money flowing out and into your life.