Cheryl – Chichester

My paperwork and things to do list had got seriously out of hand and I could spend days trying to condense all the various bits of information without making much headway. While visiting a friend and expressing my anguish of not being able to sort this problem she recommended Beth at The Lifestyle Concept. A week or so later I rang Beth and arranged for her to come to assess the problem. A date and time were set and Beth arrived full of cheer and energy to tackle the mountain of data. She worked tirelessly collating the information and reducing it into 3 neat files with labelled divisions and front index. I now have been able to move forward as have learnt how to make notes on my iPad as well as “to do“ lists so the information in one place instead of many bits of paper. Having had Beth’s help I now feel more in control and have time to actually have some fun.

Cheryl – Chichester, West Sussex