Declutter Kids Room

Do you feel like it’s time to declutter the kids room? Are there toys they haven’t played with for years? Maybe broken or worn out toys? When you bring it up do the kids protest that ‘tidying is boring’ or do they want to keep every little thing?

I definitely believe in engaging your children in the decluttering process. However this can be tricky. Your children are looking to you for guidance, so if you can make decluttering fun and allow them to see how much better a decluttered room looks and how easy it is to find the things they want to play with, you are onto a winner. 

I love working with children as they are so responsive to a ‘grown up’ project where they have been consulted and involved. I often find that children like the idea of giving to those who have less than them, so the charity shop runs become much more fun!

If children have cared for their belongings they may even be able to sell some things to save up for what they want next!

There are also so many cost-effective storage solutions to make a room look tidy and cared for and your children will benefit too from being in a more ordered room.

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