Decluttering those nick nacks

How many nick knacks do you have in your home? Take a look around now? How many extra bits and pieces do you have which clutter up your mantel piece?


If you have the space to have a full ‘arty’ style home with photos, prints, artwork, ornaments, vases, flowers, and everything else in between, then there is no problem.  But it’s all about the space. If you have a smaller home, having lots of unnecessary clutter in the form of ornaments etc, will just make you feel overwhelmed.


Here are my tips for decluttering

  1. Put all photos in frames, only have a few photos out that bring the biggest smile to your face
  2. Clear anyway any feathers, stones etc. If you wish to keep them, collect them in a nice box with a ribbon and reflect on them from time to time.
  3. Less is more. For instance, if you like candles, 3 is a good amount (in fact, always do everything by odd numbers). Make sure they still have a wick.
  4. Make sure everything stands in its own space. That way you can see it clearly. For instance, if you had a garden where every plant had grown over each other how could you see the beauty of each individual plant?