Fees & Contact Me

Getting to know you, Getting to know me... It is really important that we feel comfortable to work with each other.  I offer you a 20 to 45-minute phone/face to face complimentary discussion to discuss what I can do for you, understand your aims, and most importantly help you to truly declutter your home and your life.

At this point, we will set goals and objectives and if you wish to proceed, Terms & Conditions will be signed which are a legal requirement of the services I offer. I will send these to you via email but bring hard copies to be signed when we make our first booking.

it's in your best interest to allow me to work quickly with you and for you, so that it will cost you less.

Standard Rate - £25.00 per hour to include all costs

This includes face to face or over the phone consultation where I ask you a few key questions to ensure I do a great job for you, fuel to and from your premises (unless out of the County of Dorset), phone calls and any hours I spend resourcing materials etc for you and trips to and from the charity shops chosen by you, to donate your precious goods.  Over and above this, I provide bin bags, labels, stickies, label machine, cleaning products and even Brasso!   I also offer complimentary follow ups after the project has finished to check you are managing okay.  Promotions are offered from time to time so please ask me if I am running one when we meet.

Zoom Decluttering Rate - £20.00 per hour to include all costs

A declutter via Zoom is not something I envisioned for my business but needs must and this is an economically viable way to work with me.  You manoeuvre your camera around your property and I talk and guide you through.


The final push - once your decluttering has been done, it could well be that a thorough clean/deep clean is required. This is something I can handle for you at a fee of £15.00 per hour.  Over and above the clean, you may need help with the restyling/decor/interior design bit of the process. I have worked extensively on my own homes over the years and would be happy to help you with some simple ideas and colour inspirations.

Over and above the set fees, a series of cost-effective Packages are available to give you the best value for money as possible, these are as follows:

£200.00 for 10 hours of my time (normally £250.00)

£250.00 for 12 hours of my time (normally £300.00)

£300.00 for 14 hours of my time (normally £350.00)

Longer term/retainer based projects will be quoted on request and will include a further discounts if appropriate. Some projects will take time, so I am happy for you to engage me for a long project where regular hours and visits are set each week. Rome was not built in a day so I always say that these things can take time, as long as we have a plan we can move forward. These cost-effective packages should make it totally achievable, whatever your aims.

If you are interested, please do get in touch so that we can discuss how together we can declutter your home and your life. I would love to work with you.