Fees & Contact Me

Getting to know you, Getting to know me.

It is really important that we feel comfortable to work with each other.  I offer you a 20-45-minute phone complimentary session to discuss the help you need and what I can do for you.

Following the complimentary session, I will then give you a price for the job based on either my hourly rate or for larger jobs I have put together some rather tempting packages for you as in my experience most jobs take much longer than one or two hours.

Standard hourly rate - £35.00

Packages (include 1 hour for free) -

£325.00 for 10 hours of my time

£400.00 for 12 hours of my time

£470.00 for 14 hours of my time

Additionally, with these packages I will include a free 1-hour session a month to follow up and discuss the ongoing support.

These fees incorporate phone calls and my time either 'on-site' or off-site working on your project.

Fuel to and from the location is charged at 45 pence per mile. Any additional costs incurred, such as items which I resource or purchase to carry out the job or task in hand, will be included as expenses on my invoice.

Longer term/retainer based projects will be quoted on request and include a small discount.