Fees & Contact Me

Getting to know you, Getting to know me... It is really important that we feel comfortable to work with each other.  I offer you a 30-40 minute phone or Zoom complimentary discussion to discuss what I can do for you, understand your aims and, most importantly, to help you to truly declutter your home and your life. Ideally, I would prefer to come and visit you and this is complimentary.

At this point, we will set goals and objectives and if you wish to proceed, Terms & Conditions will be signed which are a legal requirement of the services I offer. I will send these to you via email will send to you in the post, for you to sign and return before we proceed, along with some supporting materials to help you get started.

Standard Rate - £25.00 per hour

This includes complimentary face to face or over the phone consultation where I ask you a few key questions to ensure I do a great job for you, phone calls (within limits) and and drop off at the charity shops chosen by you. My fuel costs will be covered as an hourly rate as appropriate (adapted per journey).

Over and above this, I provide bin bags, labels, stickies, and a labeller.  My mission is to coach you through the process of decluttering, helping you make the right decisions about what can stay and what can go. I will then leave you in a position to manage your clutter yourself by sharing with you some simple decluttered life skills.

Zoom Decluttering Rate - £20.00 per hour 

A cost effective way for us to do the declutter, via Zoom. I will coach you through the process as we work our way around your home.  I can even accommodate international clients (suitable time-zones).

Home-restyling - £25.00 an hour 

The final push - once your decluttering has been done, it could well be that you need help with some styling tips to embrace your new home fully or maybe you plan to sell?  I have worked extensively with many clients over the years and would be happy to help you with some simple ideas and colour inspirations. That includes offering advice on style, colours, where to source items etc.

Cost-effective packages,10 and 15 Hours

Over and above the set fees, a series of cost-effective Packages are available to give you the best value for money as possible, these are as follows:

£350.00 for 15 hours of my time (normally £375.00)

£225.00 for 10 hours of my time (normally £250.00)

These prices include preparation and follow up messages of support.*

I am happy for the payments to be made in 3 easy instalments.

I do not ask for an upfront deposit, but if cancellation is made within the time frame of 24 hours, then a charge of £50 will be charged to cover my loss of earnings.

Longer term/retainer based projects will be quoted on request and might include further discounts if appropriate. Some projects will take time, so I am happy for you to engage me for a long project where regular hours and visits are set each week. Rome was not built in a day, as long as we have a plan we can move forward. These cost-effective packages should make it totally achievable, whatever your aims.

If you are interested and really do want to make changes to your life, please do get in touch so that we can discuss how together we can declutter your home and your life. I would love to help if I am able but you need to be committed to the process.