Francesca’s Remote Declutter

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In 2020 I was called by Francesca who was in Singapore. Her dilemma? She had a house in Swanage and it needed decluttering to make it Air B&B ready. However due to the global Covid-19 Pandemic she was unable to travel to the UK to clear it herself.

Francesca wondered if we could do this remotely over the following months, with me speaking to her via Zoom?

I was up for the challenge.

We would meet every week on a Friday at 9 am UK time and declutter over 4-5 hours. Every area of the house had to be de-personalized with items put to one side for storage locally or packed up ready to ship to London. There was even a bit of loft climbing too with large vases being brought down and put into storage for safety.

Finally I helped Francesca source some items that the house needed in order to be rented out as an Air B&B and made sure it was ready for its first guests.

Just before Christmas 2020 the job was complete and I am so pleased that Francesca was happy. It just shows that anything can be done, even with thousands of miles between you, when you have Wifi and a technology like Zoom at your fingertips.

If you have a property in need of decluttering, but you can’t get there for whatever reason get in touch to have a chat about how I could help.

In 2020 we were, like many people across the world, stuck and unable to travel. We had a house we needed to clear of personal possessions for rental in the UK and were unable to leave Singapore to do it ourselves. I was absolutely thrilled when I found The Lifestyle Concept and Beth’s willingness to do a virtual decluttering over Video calls. Beth structured the project to allow for the time difference and making the most of our video calls. She not only helped us to sort through our extensive belongings but helped with finding local storage firms and sourcing items we needed for the house rental. I could not recommend Beth more highly. She made what seemed an impossible task in a different year a pleasure.

Francesca – Singapore (decluttering in Swanage, Dorset)