Got any great tips for organising my finances?

Creating a spreadsheet is a good way to start. Seeing what you have coming in, versus what you have going out. This also allows you to see possible expenses you don’t need…perhaps a gym membership or TV subscription you never use. If you really struggle with balancing your money, opening up a separate account with someone like @Monzo is a good idea. Monzo allows you create little ‘pots’ so you can learn to budget effectively, you could have a pot for ‘food’ ‘clothes’ and even one for ‘socialising’. If you struggle to keep on top of what is due to be paid, create reminders on your phone for what is due and when.  Keep those bills to one side, so you have them to hand when you need them.  Ideally pay everything via Direct Debit so you don’t miss any key dates.

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