Helen – Brockenhurst

I recruited the help of Beth as I was feeling overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of ‘stuff’ I had accrued over the years.  Facing a move and drastic downsize I couldn’t really see the wood for the trees and lacked the motivation and desire to rifle through masses of possessions many of which had not seen the light of day for a number of years. Beth came around and her enthusiasm was contagious.  She asked me to pick a room and we got stuck in together, item by item and drawer by drawer she gave a rational and impartial view on what I really needed and what I definitely didn’t! She wasn’t pushy, just full of energy and enthusiasm for the task in hand, which made up for what I lacked.  I realised that all this unnecessary bumpf; clothes, books, bags, shoes and other assorted junk most of which I never used, had become a weight round my neck.  She even bagged it up and delivered it to the charity shop.  Have I missed anything? Regretted getting rid of anything? Can I even remember what the ‘stuff’ was?  Not for one moment.  I definitely know that without her help I wouldn’t have done it and I certainly wouldn’t have done it so quickly and enjoyably.  A most highly recommended service!

Helen – Brockenhurst, Hampshire