Home Decluttering Tips

How can I get started?

I have loads of pens and pencils

How to start decluttering

My nick knacks are filling my home!

I have loads of CDs I don’t play

Could there be cash in my attic?

A lot of my things are family heirlooms…how can I declutter

I have loads of jewellery that I just don’t wear

Everything needs sorting out! Where should I start?

I’d like to work from home, but I just don’t have room

I feel like I am tidying all day, every day

I love to cook, but kitchen is getting out of control

What should I do about my junk drawer?

My loft is full of stuff, how do I find out in I have treasures!

I’m addicted to buying stationery – help!

I often get given toiletries as gifts but now I have too many

I want a tidy home, but I don’t like the minimalist look

I want to have a clear out during lockdown, where should I start

I’d like a new look in my living room, but I don’t have much spare money

I’d love to enjoy my garden, but it’s such a mess

I’m moving home, is now a good time to declutter?

My kids are so messy, I’ll never have a tidy home

My shed is so full I can’t even get in – how can I clear it

I want to clear the clutter quick – got any tips?

How do you start the declutter?

Thank you for the music