How can I decide what clothes to keep?

There are more clothes available to us now, more than ever and often it’s too tempting to simply fill up your baskets as you browse the supermarket with items you don’t really need. You probably don’t even try them on.  Having less clothes is the best way to dress easily. Having only the items you lovely in your wardrobe makes life so much easier and streamlined and less stressful. Yes, it can be stressful dressing, especially if you have too much choice and if half your wardrobe is on the wardrobe floor.  Whenever you buy clothes ask yourself these key questions before you commit to the purchase.

Do you love it?

Does it truly suit you?

Does it fit you properly?

Is the material good quality?

Do you already have something similar in your wardrobe?

Do you have room for it?

One in, one out is a golden rule if you are going to continue to buy clothing.