How to declutter your handbag

Are you one of those ladies who has a huge handbag but can never find anything?

Welcome to a world of clutter!

So how do you start to unravel the mess that is inside your handbag? Firstly, tip it upside down and remove every item from the bag, giving it a good shake. Carefully put back items one by one and keep asking yourself, do you really need it? I am not a big fan of store cards or loyalty cards as they clutter up your purse, so unless you honestly use them constantly then just get rid.  Just one pack of tissues, an umbrella for our unpredictable weather (but only keep when you know it is going to rain as it is too large to store on an everyday basis). Your phone, of course, is a given and maybe your earbuds if you want to listen to your music/callers with some clarity. Other than that, not much else is required. After all, keeping it minimal, means you can change handbags every day. Otherwise those handbags that are hanging in the wardrobe, with labels still attached, will never get used, will they?

With Love


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