How to declutter your relationship

Quite often we may find ourselves in a relationship that is not meeting our needs. It could well be that, that too, could do with some decluttering.

So how do you go about it? One of the first things to do is to communicate. If communication has come to a halt, then couples counselling is recommended. Be honest with yourself and each other. Do you want to stay together? Are you committed to making it work? If not, then it could be time to say goodbye and goodbyes are always the hardest, for both parties. But if you want to stay and fight then talk openly and honestly about where you both are heading to check you are going in the right direction, ideally together.

In your quest for ‘happy’ there is no part of your life that can’t be decluttered and even though it may sound harsh, sometimes decluttering the biggest part of your life, could be the starting point to helping you feel happier.