I don’t have room to work from home

Creating a home office is crucial to effective home working.  A calm, inviting workspace, will help you work smarter and harder.  But how can you create a space when, space is at a premium? It’s about keeping your paperwork to a minimum, filing things electronically rather than having lots of paper floating around.

Keep a simple filing system, either using Ring binders and/or invest in a small filing cabinet. Keep your desk clear, perhaps just a pen pot, but keep your space uncluttered so that you can focus and keep on top of your work. Zoning your house is important, whatever the size of your home. Creating zones gives a sense of structure even in the busiest of households. If you do have paperwork I’m a fan of filing trays. They are a great way to split your ‘To do’ list into Action and Pending.

Ikea are great at providing many office style solutions at very affordable prices too. Creating an office space for yourself need not cost a fortune.

FYI the image on this page is my actual home office!

If you’ve been asked to work from home, but you don’t have room get in touch to find out how I can help you make the space you need to work effectively