I find myself with way too much underwear – how do I declutter when I love it all?

Ladies chuck out those grey pants! Anything tired, worn, grey, tatty or indeed, holey, needs to go. From the inside out, it’s all about how your clothing makes you feel.

I often rifle through my underwear and check that everything in there is up to snuff. That means trying on your bras and making sure they fit properly. One of the best things I ever did was to have a proper bra fitting at the famous Rigby & Peller. It was worth it. I turns out I was wearing the wrong size which caused some weird shapes!

As for knickers I am really keen to emphasise how important it is to wear knickers that suit you both in style and colour. I am a big fan of M&S who really do have a great selection to choose from. Make sure that the knickers you do have work well under an array of garments.  Often, it’s too easy to forget to turn around, and check what you look like from behind! Cheeky look over your shoulder is required!

I think the best way to declutter your underwear is to really focus on what pieces make you feel like a million dollars. I have often bought underwear that I like the look of, but that doesn’t really like the look of me.  Sometimes you have to bite the bullet, and simply bin what does not suit you.