I have too many Facebook friends, how do I declutter my social media

It’s a time consuming job, but I suggest you print off a list of your Facebook friends and go through person by person to see who truly is a ‘friend’.  Of course, many will jump out at you, solid friends, family members etc but if you’re anything like me a few years ago I managed to get so many friends I didn’t see the posts of those I knew and love. It seemed that I had friended random people I had met once or were friends of friends, only to find that a year later, I had never had a conversation with them or even ever met them!  It was time to say “bye bye.” It was liberating as once I had ‘culled’ the list, I suddenly got notifications from friends I had not heard from for years! Don’t forget your ‘friends’ do not get a notification that you have ‘un-friended’ them, so don’t worry that they will be offended.

It sounds like an odd service to offer, but if you need help decluttering your social media I can help…get in touch to find out how