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I love to cook, but my kitchen cupboards are getting out of control

Less is always more in every area of the home.

With regards to saucepans/frying pans you only really need 3 – small, medium and large. In fact, everything should come in no more than 3’s.  3 bowls, 3 serving/kitchen spoons etc.  always put like with like. Tins with tins, spices etc together. Ikea do some great containers which divide your space easily and cheaply and you can even label them up.

My pet peeve is oodles of Tupperware. Of course, it is useful but owe gather too much and then can’t find matching lids. If you have any plastic without a lid, then you simply need to dispose of these. The same applies to any plastics that are stained or worn.

With regard to mugs, just 6 is probably about right. And say No to chips. Chips can cause gum disease as chips harbour germs.

Cookery books are sadly a thing of the past. That said, perhaps 3 special books are good to keep. I am a fan of vintage Jamie Oliver and still have his first three books.  Otherwise, use your laptop or iPad or similar to look up a new recipe every night.

If you have, like many, more than one dinner service, I think you can really reduce your sets down to two.   One for every day and one for special events.

There is nothing that cannot be decluttered.