I often get given toiletries as gifts, but now I have too many

It’s easy to amass toiletries. A free gift here, a purchase there, and before you know it your bathroom is no longer the tranquil place to have a bath in, but an assortment of beauty products and mayhem. I often have a sort out through my toiletries and find that many have been given to me by friends or family. I would hate to just give them away so one of my favourite charities is https://smartworks.org.uk. It’s a great charity that supports women who are unable to find work down to a variety of reasons. The charity helps the get back on track. The good news is that these women need clothing and good products to help them get back on track. So, next time you find yourself overflowing with toiletries and, indeed, make up, SmartWorks are more than happy to accept your kind donations.

If you need help declutter of your bathroom and toiletries get in touch for a chat to see how I could help