I want a tidy home, but I don’t like the minimalist look

There is so much talk about minimalism these days, it’s enough to make some people shudder. It smacks of having no soul and having a home that does not reflect you or any member of your family.

It was therefore enlightening to see that just recently John Lewis have started displaying some ‘quirky’ products mirroring art deco styling with greens and pinks. Not at all the normal ‘John Lewis’ product offering and it raised my spirits. This kind of product offering shows that many of us like to have a home with unusual knick-knacks that represent who we are as people. However, as much as I am a fan of the personal touch, you can still combine sleek, clean lines, tidy drawers and a more minimal look, with the odd ‘hint’ to your personality.  But like everything in life, less is more. If you have clutter combined with your personality, it will just look messy. If you have your ‘style’ firmly placed in the family home, it’s better to have less of something than more.

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