I want more energy….can I declutter my diet?

Over the years I have come to totally understand the links I have personally between food and the food choices I make. As a child I loved a piece of cake….as an adult I still do, but it came at a price. Brain fog, fatigue and highs and lows that made life unsustainable.

Sugar is no longer something my body can tolerate. If I have sugar (and I do from time to time) I wake up with a hangover! That just proves that sugar is not doing me any good.

It is my opinion that sugar clutters up my brain and makes my thinking poor. I find that a sugar-free life has decluttered my brain and although I still haven’t knocked that sugar craving out of the room, I am 99% there which is better than the alternative. But don’t take my word for it – this compelling article spells it out very clearly – cut it out! https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/too-much-sugar