I want to have a clear out during lockdown, where should I start

If you are handling this on your own, it’s easier to start small. Taking on the garage is a hardcore task unless you are truly geared up for the project. Of course, many recycling tips are closed or very busy at the current time, so make sure you line up some tips that can take your unwanted goods and are open when you are ready to offload. Sites like Trash Nothing are great at taking unwanted items off your hands, you just have to list what you have and your location. You will be surprised what others might like to take off your hands.  I always say that if you have an entire home to declutter or clear out, you need to focus on the area that concerns you the most.  If it’s a case of wanting to make some extra cash, go through your home and see what can be sold. Marketplace and E-Bay are great for selling unwanted items and people are purchasing voraciously at the moment, probably to get bargains.

If you want to have a clear out, but are not sure where to start get in touch and we can have a chat about how I could help