I’d like a new look for my living room, but I don’t have much spare money

Quite often, when you want a new look, you immediately think eek expense. But that is not always necessarily the case.

Start with the declutter.  As you work your way through your home, leave no room unturned. What do you really need to keep and what can be donated to charity? What can you sell and what can possibly be stored away in the attic?  It could be a keepsake, but does it really need to be in your living space?

Once you have decluttered you can then get started.   I am a massive fan of getting the colour of your walls and furnishings just right. Before you start anything, create a board so that you can have a clear view of what ‘look’ you are going for. Home & garden style magazines are a good source point.

With regards to the colour of your walls, get this right and you are halfway there. Brands like Farrow & Ball set the way for awesome wall colours but there are other brands out there now including Little Greene (used by English Heritage).  If you have plain white walls, bringing in a hint of colour is a fool proof way to give your space a new look, immediately. The brighter the better. Bold colours are great but can make a small space smaller so be careful what colours you choose. Perhaps even research the ‘meaning’ behind a colour to ensure you are putting onto your walls a colour that brings a harmonious feel to your room.

Once you have your colour palette, you can then look at furnishings. If you do not wish to invest in new furniture, many items can be upcycled. Plain colours can be upcycled to patterned fabrics, bringing depth and a point of interest to any room.

How bright is your room and how does the lighting make you feel? A clever change of lighting, maybe a new lamp with a soft bulb, can enhance your space. Even changing harsher LEDs to warm whites can make a difference.

Whatever you decide to do, always start with the declutter. Once you can see what you have, then you can decide how you re-arrange it or upcycle it.