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I’d love to enjoy my garden, but it is such a mess

I often see gardens that had once been lovingly planted, only to see them, a few years on, neglected and past their sell by date. In my view, gardens fall into two distinct categories, before you break them down into actual style of garden.

You either a) go for a garden that you will lovingly tend to, spend time in and enjoy and be prepared to be put in the work to keep them looking beautiful OR you plump for the minimalist, ornamental stone, grasses and pots style. One looks sleek, requires little effort but may be less ‘interesting’ to look at, whilst the other will be a life project which you will lovingly tend in all your spare moments. Whatever style you go for, its best to get in a gardener who know what they are doing. Often buying a plant on the spur of the moment, because it looks nice, could well be an expensive mistake. Choose plants that look good, come to life every year and require minimal maintenance – Fatsia Japonica’s are my favourite – they look awesome and just grow in an orderly fashion and pots are great if you want colour without having the faff of planting plants in the garden.

If you need help decluttering your garden or want some more advice on how you can make it a beautiful low maintenance space to enjoy get in touch for a chat to see how I could help