If in doubt, don’t buy it!

One of the best ways to cut down on the clutter is to simply ask yourself over and over, “Do I really need this?”. If the answer is no, then don’t buy it.

Too simple?

Well, in truth, many of us struggle to put down something we have spotted and can always justify the expense, telling ourselves that we ‘need’ it and it will look really good in the living room, bedroom etc.

One of the easiest ways to streamline your life is to avoid the supermarket aisles where the clothes and ‘nick nacks’ lie. They are like the devil’s spawn and are oh so tempting.  Before you know it, your basket is loaded up to the gunnels with things you never realised you needed.

In truth, you never did need it, so next time you feel the need to splurge, simply ask yourself if you really need it and find that inner strength to put it back and move swiftly on.

With Love

Tracey B

Helping you find Inner Harmony through Decluttering