I’m a big sports fan and find myself with too many sports/gym clothes – Help!

With so many shops offering sports ranges, it is easy to amass more leggings than you know what to do with. I have come to realise how important it is to have well fitting, snug, leggings that really do ‘help’ how you perform your chosen sport. Sometimes, leggings that look perfect in the shop, can seem less than perfect when actually worn. What you don’t want is leggings that require a good tug up every minute or so. So, bin them immediately.

This may sound like vanity, but I do truly believe that if you ‘look the part’ the chances are you may actually act the part!  Having the right look for your sport, helps give you the confidence you need to work to your maximum ability, so only keep sports gear that give you that that extra oomph.

A good sports bra is crucial. Make sure that you have proper support for your needs and get rid of anything that does not support you adequately.

Breathability is key, so chose materials that allow your body to breathe.