I’m moving home, is now a good time to declutter

There is never a better time to declutter than when you are about to move. On the basis that everything has its own energy perhaps it’s time to look at everything you have and wonder if it will even ‘fit’ in your new home or ‘look right.’ In my many moves, I have made the classic mistake of moving and bringing all my furniture with me from my previous home. Guess what? It’s hardly ever fit not only logistically but aesthetically too. This has then involved me trying desperately to sell the items and even having to give things away. This has resulted in a lot more stress, when simply downsizing prior to my move, would have been the easiest route.

So, if you are about to move, now is the time to reflect on what you have in your home and what will look perfect in your new home. If you think it probably won’t work then it probably won’t so it’s time to bite the bullet.  If you are weighed down with personal effects that will only be bringing memories from the past, it could be time to make a new start and only bring with you items that you know will enhance your new home and fit in just perfectly. After all, a move is about a new fresh start. Embrace it.