Lydia’s Kids Toys Declutter

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Lydia is a young mum with some health conditions which means she gets overwhelmed. Overwhelm comes over all of us from time to time but when you have two children who love their toys and have lots of them, it’s hard to know how to organise them.


This is where I come in, with my Mary Poppins head on. First off, came the declutter. There were a lot of broken toys which were disposed of, and I was in my element as I put ‘like with like’ to see exactly what we had.


Once that was done, I needed to figure out how to utilise the space.  A bookcase and a unit, both sourced from @ikea have done the trick. The bookcase still needs to be filled but once that is done, the room is pretty much complete.


The feedback has been great The boys are now playing with things they had not played with for years and like the fact that everything is in its place.


I am still working with this client to create the home she wants to live in, with system and order.  It’s a pleasure to get clients from A to B