My kids are so messy…I’ll never have a tidy home

I am a big fan of engaging the entire family in what you perceive as a peaceful and decluttered home environment. Ikea offers great storage solutions. There is absolutely no reason why toys cannot be brought out and then put away at the end of the day.  A designated play area should be set to one side and that is the play area.  Once the children are on board with the way you want things, then everything should, in principle, run smoothly. There is no need for toys galore to litter your whole house.    If your children have bedrooms then try to encourage them to keep their toys in their rooms and bring downstairs all they want to play with that day.  After all, you are the parent and the child is well, the child!

As for too many toys, ask your children if they would like to give them to some boys and girls who don’t have any toys and find an appropriate charity who would benefit.

I had a friend who had a massive hamper in her living room. It was full of toys and often these toys would be strewn across the rug for the majority of the day. However, at the end of the day, when it’s Tea-time or time for bed, the toys were put away by the child.  Neatly stored in the hamper. Try and incorporate a simple system that works for all of you and in time, your children will thank you.

Order is never a bad thing; it does not need to be regimented, children want to have fun, but there is no reason why you can’t point them in the right direction whilst they are still young.