My Life & Style

These images reflect me, my life and style. They are taken in my apartment,  my previous gardens, my lifestyle shop I owned in Highcliffe and on my holidays, oh and a few cheeky social ones for good measure. In the last five years I have decluttered every element of my life from resolving issues from the past, keeping my eye firmly on the now and learning to create visions for an amazing future.  I have grown so much and by shrugging off those mental chains that held me back, I am starting to live the life I love for the first time in a long time.

My style and tidiness s a professional declutterer and organiser is reflected in my flat which I completely renovated to a minimalist style.

I lead by example. My life is decluttered so as to best reflect my ideals to my clients.

It is always nice to have some professional shots done. I was particularly pleased with these which were done by the lovely Zelda Holander at StudioShotz

Gardening has always been my love. These gardens reflect my style. I created the full garden in Ealing London, on the Brentham Garden Suburb and I regularly was asked to open my garden to the general public. Something that I loved.

I believe in keeping my life in balance. Good food. Good friends. Great exercise. Great mental health. Once you are in balance, life just flows. Once you are in balance there is always time for a party or two! I love clubbing and every time I get a chance I head to Ibiza, what a great way to keep fit, dancing and music!

In 2015 I opened a Lifestyle store to try and help rejuvenate the struggling high street of Highcliffe. Amongst other things, I offered decluttering services. But most of all I brought a sense of community to the area as I laid on events and there was, for a short period of time, an amazing shopping experience to be had in Highcliffe.

Mental Health is one of my passions, or more accurately, GOOD mental health. I think mental health is as important as physical health and it has been proven that the two are linked.

This picture is me at the Mental Health England First Aid course which I completed over a course of two days. It was inspirational and educational and I came away feeling like I wanted to be emersed in that world forever!

In my role as a Professional Declutterer I want to be the best version of me to help others move forward.