Decluttering Examples

My client had, by her own admission, too many clothes, and knew she had to declutter. Her clothes were distributed between three wardrobes, with no particular theme. I suggested that we create three distinct wardrobes, High Summer, Winter and her working wardrobe for right now. I suggested that she then move across items into Winter as the Season changed but in reverse, moved High Summer items into her working wardrobe again, as Spring changed into Summer.

These photos show before and after my decluttering. The cupboards and drawers were cleared and tidied, including shoes which were stored in a trunk. I sorted her clothes into colours, re-hung them on matching hangers and created a better wardrobe both visibly and practically. I tidied her chest of drawers and created separate drawers for lounge wear, underwear and sleep wear. Get in touch to discuss your decluttering needs!

Home decluttering for a young mum

My young client who has ADHD and is a new mum of a three-month-old baby needed some help with getting on top of things. I decluttered her living room and kitchen/dining area leaving these clean and tidy for her to find things quicker and being able to use her kitchen island, table and beautiful sofa.

After a six-hour day we got on top of it all, cleared away six bags of not-needed household items! I felt proud in creating more space for my client and her baby to enjoy and bringing a sense of calm to her beautiful home.

Wardrobe decluttering

My female client struggled with too many clothes many of which were unworn. I decluttered her four wardrobes and rearranged everything in order of day/work wear, summer clothes and going out wear.

I was also able to sell some of her clothes which meant my client had to pay me very little for this decluttering service - how good is that!

The result? A happy client who has been left with a wardrobe she could only dream of with lots of space to find things.

Cupboard tidy up

My client just needed a couple of cupboards tidying and sorting.  I took away about a bag of stuff for the tip and another bag for charity. As you can see the cupboards look neater, tidier and actually there’s more space too.

Front garden tidy up

As a professional declutterer I can pretty much turn my hand to anything. I offer my services on Helpfulpeeps which is pretty much a swap service. However, I have recently been offered a couple of small jobs for a disabled lady and soon I am going to help a blind gentleman to tidy up his garden.

I love gardening. I come with tools and also take the waste away. I am working on a design project at the moment too.

Garden clearance including jet-washing and designing a patio area

A client asked me to visit a property owned by her parents. They wanted to rent the property out and my client asked me to assess the garden and come up with some ’design’ ideas as well as a tidying up and cleaning. The main wall of the garden was covered in ivy, the stone paving needed jet-washing. I sourced some plants and a few stone mushrooms too (!) to make the garden look more desirable. The ivy wall needed clearing, but I cleared the majority of the ivy without compromising the wall's safety. I jet-washed the patio and paving leading up the garden.

The garden took about three days to complete and I really loved being involved in this project (before and after photos of the ivy wall and patio below).