My shed is so full I can’t even get in it!

Sheds are often the one place that we hardly dare visit. After all sheds are often the dumping ground for virtually everything when you find yourself with no room at home. However, sheds need not be the place of doom and gloom they purport to be and in fact, nowadays, sheds can be turned into slick ‘den’s but over and above the ‘den’ element can be transformed into a neat and tidy storage area. Ikea do great storage racks, so there is no reason to not having stored neatly. However, before you start the storage solutions, you need to look at the Declutter. How many nails do you actually need? Are those rusting bikes ever going to be ridden again? How many Power Tools does one actually need. In my view, when you are turning to any area of your home, you need to declutter before you can ‘sort’ unless, of course, you are blessed with a huge space. But even then, you need to ask yourself “Do I actually need this?”

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