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Nursery Declutter

My client, Catherine, is a busy mum with 3 children under the age of ten. She finds juggling household stuff and looking after the children hard, especially when a big move was made last year. In her words, “she never got around to getting all the rooms sorted, it was a case of dumping everything into the rooms and getting on with life.”

This is where I came in.  The Nursery was high on the ’to do’ list as the baby was now at the age where she needed to have her own bedroom.

Very quickly we realised that many of the toys could be donated to charity and that the clothing needed to be put into separate storage.  After all, with clothing a year away from being worn, there was no point having it mixed up with the current clothing.

Many of the items in the nursery were not particularly organised so together Catherine and I put like with like and identified what could be donated and/or sold.  In fact, the sale bag became two sale bags, so I left my client with a big ’to do’ list.

Some items were designated for the loft which gave us extra space.

However, my client now has a room for her baby and that’s the most important thing. Sometimes just an extra pair of hands, some fresh energy and a new way of looking at things is all you need.