Oops upside your head

In these troubling times, it’s really hard to stop having too much mental clutter. Even the sanest of us appear to be losing all sense of perspective. So, what are my top tips for keeping calm when all around is turning to chaos?


  • Turn off the mainstream media and avoid social media streams if spouting negativity – it should come with a health warning! (That is the first piece of advice The Secret advises you if you want to be happy)!
  • Expand your mind by checking out other forms of ‘news’ – You tube is a rich source (careful not to go down too many rabbit holes) I love scientists, top journalists and professors myself
  • Stay in the moment, right here, right now
  • Switch off the Fear – easier said than done (but if you follow points 1-3) fear may dissipate
  • Exercise – set yourself a plan
  • Stick your nose in a book – something fun
  • Laugh with your family and friends
  • Practice self care, lots of water and green vegetables
  • Keep your thoughts positive, lots of gratitude’s and affirmations




Because fear will hurt your head and in time, your body so trying to align yourself into a happy state using the above methods will, at least, offer you some support.