Declutter Your Life

Find Clarity and Let Go

Letting go is so freeing, it gives you an inner sense of calm. Who doesn’t want to feel free of ‘things’ that hold us back? I always say we come with nothing, and we leave with nothing. We get so attached to the stuff we gather; it can become stifling to the point of feeling entirely overwhelmed. Although letting go can be challenging, you get into the swing of it, you will be finding more and more ‘stuff’ that needs to be gone, thus freeing up your life for the new and having more space in your life to just ‘be.’

My Approach to Decluttering

My approach is simple. Decluttering need not be difficult but what clients do find the hardest is to decide what they like and don’t like. Therefore, I always encourage my clients, to create a vision board or similar, to really hone down on how they want their life and home to look. I like to put some fun into decluttering too, so a bit of music, plenty of coffee breaks and words of wisdom shared between the two of us, really does make the process easier.

Discovery Call

Our first step is to talk on the phone, via Whatsapp or video call, to discuss your challenges and how I could help.

11 Week Programme

I will work with you over an 11-week period, broken down into eleven bite sized hours where we will focus on letting go of that which no longer serves you.


Elevate your Life

I will help you elevate your life and allow you to be free of the clutter that holds you back. In turn, you will be clearer in your mind to plan your next moves, whatever they may be.

Building a new way to be

Imagine if you could start your life again? What would you change? What habits would you drop and what ‘ways to be’ would you embrace? I always encourage my clients to think positively about the process, this is not shame-making, it is liberating. Accepting something about yourself that you don’t like and then deciding to do something about it, takes courage. If you are reading this and know you need to let go, then good for you. You are already halfway there!

Decluttering is more than quickly tidying up a wardrobe

There is way more to decluttering than just quickly going through a wardrobe and chucking out items in a hurry to ‘get rid’ of things. Decluttering needs to be mindfully carried out, knowing what you like and don’t like. Quickly disposing of stuff, you have amassed is not always the way forward, so I do encourage, a more focused approach that will help you never repeat the clutter build up.

Finding a balance that works for you

Life is all about balance. It’s not about running around frantically trying to find the time to do things, neither is it idling away your days at home, musing about all the things you want to do in your life. There is a fine balance to be had. Decluttering can help you reach that sweet spot, when everything is so calm at home, you feel calm in your head. What felt like pushing a bike up a hill, now feels like freewheeling down it.

What about After?

How to Maintain Your Results

After I have left, and the dust has settled, I hope to leave you confident to carry on without me. However, if you feel you need my support moving forward, I am always there for my clients. In the US many women have a declutterer come in once a month, to check everything is going well or maybe just to have a quick blast through, should clutter have built up again.

Some clients like to call me back once a year, just to check everything is ok or maybe to work on another area that has built up.

Personalised service to help you move on…

The service I provide is personal to you. We need to get on well and work as a team. I am here to help, not judge, but the methodology I offer is sound, based on years of experience. Letting go is never easy, it is tiring and can sometimes be painful too, stirring up memories of the past and even processing the guilt you maybe feel. I always say there is nothing to feel guilty for and forgiveness is key. You are moving on and that is the main thing.