Posh Graffiti

Posh Graffiti produces bold, classy letters using sustainable materials with a strong eco and ethical policy. Each piece is unique and ‘quality over quantity’ is emphasised, and the mass-production industry is heavily avoided.

Posh Graffiti is made by a village rice farming community in Bali and has been for 15 years, made from wood from the Albizia trees grown by locals. They are fast growing and the toxic MDF is never used. This helps the community to sustain their agriculture. Since starting the company, Posh Graffiti has appeared in exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo and Frankfurt.

Emily Readett-Bayley, the creator of posh graffiti, was inspired on a trip to Bali when she was studying theatre design at the Wimbledon school of art in London. She recognised the natural material of the props and the skills that made them. In 2012, Emily was invited to become a partner on The Katingan Project, a climate change and sustainable forest management project in the Indonesian Borneo.


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October 19, 2015