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Rosie’s Empty Nest Declutter

Rosie called me in as, given her daughter’s move to University, she was feeling the downside of ‘empty nest syndrome.’ She felt it was time to get to grips with her home in order for her to see more clearly about her future options, including a possible house sale or Air B&B investment.

This project is a few months in. We started the process via Zoom which although useful from an understanding of my client’s needs, only scratched the surface. I could not wait to get going and Rosie was happy for me to physically come into her home to bring the energy she needed to start the process.

Rosie admits that she struggles with order and letting go, so bit by bit, week by week, we are slowly working through each area of the home. First off is the paperwork which is a painstaking process of making sure we do not dispose of anything important, whilst finding a suitable way to ’store’ the paperwork in a kind of ‘holding pattern’ until we find a proper way of filing Rosie’s paperwork.

Much shredding and many bags later, we are making process.  Next will be the books, followed by the Garage and larder and utility room, then the Clothes!

It’s baby steps and I like to give my clients time to work through their possessions whilst making decisive decisions about what can be let go.

“Thank you so much Beth, I’ve really enjoyed working with you. What I feared was going to be traumatic and intimidating has actually been calmingly therapeutic. I’ve been impressed by the way you have come in to my (slightly chaotic) home and won my trust with your warmth and willingness to share your own story. I think you have a wonderful gift for encountering a blocked/stuck situation and unpicking it to make sense of it.

You have worked on an energetic level, finding out what is important to me and gently bringing your positive energy to bear, getting things moving and lifting my mood, the physical space relating to mental & emotional areas and blocks. With your wholistic approach you have made suggestions to help in other ways recognising that everyone is different and shaping your help accordingly. Never bossy or judgemental, just positively persuasive! Xx 😘”