Ruby’s Garage Clear Out

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My lovely client has spent a while struggling with too much ’stuff’. She has used her garage as a kind of dumping ground where ‘everything gets put’.  Who can blame her? When we are faced with trauma, it is easy to put it into a box and forget about it. Her garage has memories that, quite possibly, she does not want to unearth.


I have spent over six months now with Ruby, carefully and studiously working through her things. The first stage has been superficial, a bit like peeling a top layer off of an onion.  I have skimmed and removed the excess, stuff (mostly paperwork) that is out of date and not required.  That’s stage one.


We have now, in some ways, the hardest steps to take. To go through personal belongings of parents long passed and a life once lived.  Those can churn up the deepest emotions but I will be there to hold her hand.


Six months sounds like a long time but sometimes a project like this needs baby steps, especially when trauma and difficulty letting go, is involved. We have always had a plan in place but just recently I have asked my client to really ‘hone down’ on what she truly wants. After all, if you don’t know where you are heading towards, how can you plot the route?  My client would like to get to a place where the house is decluttered enough to Air B&B for three month periods at a time.


We have formed a tight bond and just recently big shifts have been happening. In her own words, she is starting to realise that she needs to move on and the time is ’now’.


Although we have a way to go, the garage is starting to take shape. I would like to see everything carefully boxed and labelled up.  I have already created some boxes clearly labelled and, as my client works visually, she has admitted she likes as she can see that things are more orderly and she does not need to worry about losing important documents.


We have rooms to clear and a lot more to do, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and for any of you who are wondering if you could ever create any light, the answer is a resounding yes!