Scrap those holey socks

If, like me, you are a bit of a fan of socks, then you could have quite a collection.


I went through a phase of visiting boutiques and ending up with some highly colourful long socks with bows which looked really pretty but in truth, did not suit me.


I would then, shame faced, pop them into my drawer, guilt flooding over me at my frivolous ways.


But my sock shame is a thing of the past. Here is how to declutter your stocks


  1. Bin any with holes
  2. Bin any that are right (after too many washes)
  3. Bin any that don’t fit right and ‘scrunch up’ when you walk (don’t you just hate that)?
  4. Bin any that you don’t wear as the colours are a little bit bright. Maybe bought on the spur of the moment, colourful socks are great but can look ‘odd’ if they can clearly be seen underneath your jeans.
  5. Stick to plain colours as, as much as colourful is great, plain colours are so much easier to put on and go with everything.