This is a taster of what I can do. You get the gist. You can lean on me to take the strain and remove the 'worries' that could be holding you back from enjoying your life. My aim? To help you help yourself.

Event organising, personal and home styling, project management & more


I used to live on the Brentham Garden Estate in London and had a beautiful garden which I used to show. I planted it up myself.  It may well be that your garden is overwhelming you and you need some fresh ideas and maybe a tidy up?  £12.00 an hour.


Maybe you need to amalgamate credit cards so payments are easier?  Or maybe you need to work out your finances and what is going in and out.  I can prepare an excel spreadsheet and we can see what we can do to make your finances easier.  £25.00 an hour.

Inbox de-clutter

Does your inbox contain more emails than you need?  Do you want to unsubscribe from the thousands of emails clogging up your inbox?  I can do that for you and “file” emails so you will have a better overview and know what emails are important and which ones are junk.  £25.00 an hour.


Do you want to see a specialist and have no idea who to turn to? I know some amazing people – Hypnotherapists, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Spiritual Mentors, Financial Advisors, CBT therapist, Aesthetic Doctors/Clinics, cool boutiques, hairdressers etc.  £12.00 an hour.


Do you have a heap of paperwork and need some sort of systems brought into your life?  I am your girl.  I love filing and have an analytical brain.  I can get your paperwork sorted and filed so you can find everything.  £25.00 an hour.

Event Management

I love organizing events and my experience is vast – from 1,000 people on Kensington Roof Gardens through to a garden party, with candles, champagne and canapes.  I organized my friend’s daughter’s Christening at the Danesfield House Hotel in Marlow, including the invites and menu selection.  If you have an event to organise, I can do that for you and take the stress away from you.  £25.00 an hour.

Dog Walking

I have had dogs all my life and love them.  If I walk your pooch I will love him/her as my own, throw lots of balls if that's their thing, pick up after them, not overfeed them, follow your guidelines for their wants and needs (including face wiping if required) and generally show them a jolly good time.  £12.00 an hour.

Motivation to get you fit and exercise

I love exercising and it's so important for your mental and physical health. I am a big fan of walking, it’s free and it's great fun. Let me accompany and motivate you to get you back on track to a healthier lifestyle. I had to keep an eye on my own weight so have some handy 'healthy eating tips” that have worked for me.  £15.00 an hour.

Feeling lonely?

I know how that feels.  Allow me to get you out and about on the social scene, thus, taking away the fear.  I can accompany you to events and indeed, introduce you to some people before you have the confidence to go on your own.  £12.00 an hour.


I am DBS checked and have been told I am very good with children and I love them. I actually don’t have any myself due to circumstances but am happy to keep an eye on your little ones if you would like some quality time with your partner.  Or indeed, if you just need to pop out for a while.  £12.00 an hour.

Business consultancy

I am passionate about the British High Street and have an aesthetic eye having owned my own fashion boutique in Highcliffe, Dorset.  I have first-hand experience of how hard the retail industry is in the current financial climate.  I also have a strong sense of what products consumers are interested in and how to beautifully present them in your shop.  I often favoured the small independents and even when in London would drive out towards Bucks and other home counties in search of little boutiques so that I could source amazing items, that no-one else had.  My background in high-end skincare, working alongside L'Oreal and within an advertising agency, helped me to advise aesthetic clinics on how to present and sell their skincare products and their clinic.   I am trained in Visual Merchandising by Sarah Manning who has dressed the windows of Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Marks & Spencer and other high-end London Bond Street boutiques and international brands.  I have a creative brain and have lots of ideas, particularly when a high street is struggling.  I have an amazing collection of photographs from towns and villages across the UK where the high street is thriving.  Simply put, they all have a common thread to success and I know what that is.  I can help you as a shop owner or council to revive your shop or high street by displaying your products in a visual aesthetical way and getting the right brands and products into your shop/high street to improve sales as well as a spot of mystery shopping (one of the best ways to feed back to you how your shop comes across and your staff).  Call me for more information.  £30.00 an hour.

Your business

I have owned my own businesses and worked in many well-known businesses and am happy to assist on an advisory level, including looking at your business, ways to improve it by streamlining systems and procedures to help you grow and expand as you move onto the next phase.  £25.00 an hour.


Is your wardrobe overwhelming you? We have all over shopped at times – it’s fine to admit it. But not being able to find things and finding everything is overwhelming?  I get where you are at.  I love a sort out and we can have fun doing it.  I will then take away any items you don't want to keep making it so much easier.  I will take them to the charity shop of your choice. Perhaps your feelings of overwhelm come from having too much stuff not just clothing?  Nothing phases me. I am empathetic and I will slowly, bit by bit, release you of your clutter until you feel so free, so uplifted, you will wonder how you ever managed.  How I work is this. I will come in and we will go through room by room or drawer by drawer if needs be. We will have a Keep pile, a definitely Go piles, a "maybe" pile and then a Perhaps we can sell it pile.  I make this process fun and I work with you. When it gets too much we can simply have a cup of a tea and a breather.  Email me for more information,   £30.00 an hour.

House Doctor

I have a keen aesthetic eye and it may well be that your home needs a new feel and look to it. I am happy to come to your home and give you some ideas or help you change it around. If you want to sell your home but have been struggling to do so, I can quickly make suggestions on how to give it that desired uncluttered look to achieve an easier and quicker sale so you can move as quick as possible.

Personal shopping

I love shopping, so if you love it too, let’s do it together, I can help you choose some nice items (try stopping me) and we can have fun too.  I know some lovely little 'secrets' around the Dorset area too so let's have some fun together!  £12.00 an hour.

Online dating profile writing

If you are on your own and want to find a new love then I’m your girl.  I had some experience of this for friends and love a challenge.  Let’s find you Mr or Mrs Right.  I have a quirky style so can bring the best out in you.  £12.00 an hour.

Fancy writing a novel?

I can dictate onto a tape and transcribe it for you.  I did a lot of audio typing in my previous job as a PA and used to transcribe tapes for the BBC which were then sent abroad.  I used to have to put in every "um" and "ah" which was amusing and time-consuming!  As the length of audio tapes and transcriptions can vary so much we can discuss the project and I will quote a fee based on my hourly rate.  £25.00 an hour.

Planning a holiday?

I can do some research for you and come up with some great holiday options for you and your family.  If you give me your budget and time-frame you can leave the rest to me to find you some amazing deals.  £25.00 an hour.

Dog & Home sitting
If you are going away on holiday or a business trip and cannot take your much-loved pet with you, but at the same time are concerned about someone keeping an eye on your property and look after your pet, why don’t you engage me?  I am trustworthy, reliable, conscientious and love animals. Your property and your pet will be in safe hands and I can even provide you with daily photos while you are away.
My dog-loving skills are second to none and I had dogs throughout my life. I always have ‘poo’ bags to hand and I am known for having a ball scoop in the boot - yes that is true!
I will love your pet as if it was my own, give him/her lots of cuddles, feeds and walks and generally take good care of him/her so you don't have to worry about your darling pet feeling lonely without you.
As for your house or flat, it will be looked after, curtains will be opened and closed so it will look that someone is around your property.
I am very trustworthy, reliable and good with security alarm systems. I used to be responsible for locking up a warehouse with over £5m of valuables and even brought down the steel bars at night! I will respect your home as if it was mine and rest assured your property is kept safe and as you left it, and your pet is looked after in the best possible way.
Imagine, all your worries about home security and your pet looked after gone! I am at your service - £50 per day.