As a professional Declutterer and Organiser I offer a broad range of services and if there is a task I could not do I will discuss this with you right at the start of my consultation.

The below services are only an overview and I offer more services to help you get on top of life. You get the gist. You can lean on me to take the strain and remove the 'worries' that could be holding you back from enjoying your life.

My aim? To help you help yourself and bring calm to overwhelm so you can move forward and enjoy life.


Is your wardrobe or home overwhelming you? Do you have things everywhere but find it hard to let go off them? We have all over shopped at times or collected items over the years and I get that. However, when your home becomes overwhelming because you cannot find things than it is time to start decluttering.

I love a good sort-out, and we can have fun doing it. We will chat while we are sorting items into piles. Perhaps your feelings of overwhelm come from having too much stuff around you, not just clothing? Nothing phases me. I am empathetic and I will slowly, bit by bit, release you of your clutter until you feel so free and uplifted, you will wonder how you ever managed without the items.

How I work? I will come to your home and will go through with you, room by room, drawer by drawer if needed. We will agree on a file for things to keep, things to let go, some maybe items and the ones you would like me to bring to a charity shop of your choice. I make this process fun and always work with you! It is your choice and I only advise you without pressure. During the process, if you might feel a bit overwhelmed, we can always sit down with a cuppa and have a breather.

I am registered with and a member of APDO The Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers ( and adhere to the industry standards. I am also fully insured, have data protection in place according to GDPR and am DBS checked. This will give you the level of assurance you need to know, that I am passionate about what I offer and a professional declutterer who works within the industry's standards.

I have a keen aesthetic eye and it may well be that your home needs a new feel and look to it. I am happy to come to your home and give you some ideas or help you change it around. If you want to sell your home but have been struggling to do so, I can quickly make suggestions on how to give it that desired uncluttered look to achieve an easier and quicker sale so you can move as quick as possible.

We can all find ourselves, from time to time, overwhelmed with paperwork.  Having worked as a PA for many years, admin and paperwork are like water off a duck's back. I can create systems and make life easier for you.

I am not an Interior Designer, nor would I call myself one, but I have been told I have a good eye. And I love interior design.  I have worked on several of my own homes over the years and have created quite special places. These homes can be seen on My Style on my home page.  It would be my pleasure to advise and recommend not only shops but also style ideas.

I have downsized on many occasions in my life. Both in London where I constantly moved and in my own life recently where I moved from a much larger property to an apartment. I have also downsized my mum from a four bedroomed house to a one bedroomed apartment, carefully selecting the items that are precious and together, deciding what can be donated to a new owner.  Letting go is a hard process. I understand and emphathise but downsizing comes to all of us at some stage of our lives, having me help you, will make life a lot easier.

I am happy and able to sell items on EBay for you. This is chargeable at an agreed rate and something I do from  my own home or indeed, can be done from yours.  Finding money in some of your items is a real bonus and it would give me pleasure to find some hidden money in your possessions.  Just recently I have sold three dresses belonging to a client, which she did not believe held any value.  The sale has covered half the cost of my services to date.

I understand how you can feel overwhelmed by possessions.  I am kind, calm and can help you clear yourself of unwanted items and to bring a bit of order into your life.  I am able to handle disorders like chronic disorganisation and ADHD as I have had experience.

I am intending to lay on workshops to help clients move forward in their lives.  These will be laid on once there is enough interest. If you would like to be put down on the waiting list please email me at