This is a taster of what I can do. You get the gist. You can lean on me to take the strain and remove the 'worries' that could be holding you back from enjoying your life.

My aim? To help you help yourself and bring calm to overwhelm so you can move forward and enjoy life.

Life Management

It is never a disgrace to say that you are feeling overwhelmed. Running a house, a family, keeping down a job, looking after your partner never mind the rest of your family, can take its toll. One of my ‘services’ is life management. A broad title for a role that can encompass dog walking, helping you move, house sitting or even accompanying you to the gym. It is all part of life.

In my time on this planet, there is not much I have not done, from moving homes (lots), downsizing (many times), losing weight, getting fit, changing hairstyle and colour to re-discovering my new joy for life. Along the way I have gathered some fantastic information which is stored safely in my brain. But I am happy to share these with you. Information on how to best move on from a big change in your life, how to start dating again, how to meet new friends and create a new life for yourself. This could be just to connect with someone who has your back, who you can trust and call at any time to help and support you. I am that person.


Is your wardrobe or home overwhelming you? Do you have things everywhere but find it hard to let go off them? We have all over shopped at times or collected items over the years and I get that. However, when your home becomes overwhelming because you cannot find things than it is time to start decluttering.

I love a good sort-out, and we can have fun doing it. We will chat while we are sorting items into piles. Perhaps your feelings of overwhelm come from having too much stuff around you, not just clothing? Nothing phases me. I am empathetic and I will slowly, bit by bit, release you of your clutter until you feel so free and uplifted, you will wonder how you ever managed without the items.

How I work? I will come to your home and will go through with you, room by room, drawer by drawer if needed. We will agree on a file for things to keep, things to let go, some maybe items and the ones you would like me to bring to a charity shop of your choice. I make this process fun and always work with you! It is your choice and I only advise you without pressure. During the process, if you might feel a bit overwhelmed, we can always sit down with a cuppa and have a breather.

Home staging

I have a keen aesthetic eye and it may well be that your home needs a new feel and look to it. I am happy to come to your home and give you some ideas or help you change it around. If you want to sell your home but have been struggling to do so, I can quickly make suggestions on how to give it that desired uncluttered look to achieve an easier and quicker sale so you can move as quick as possible.


It is never good to say you are a jack of all trades, or indeed, to even sound like one. However, in reality I have done a lot of things in my life and had lots of experiences.

There are a variety of services I can offer you from small gardening jobs to dog walking, keeping an eye on your children whilst you go to the gym or hairdresser (I am DBS checked), getting your dry cleaning, making private appointments, decluttering your inbox, filing or office to help you get on top of things, and many more lifestyle services.

I am all about empowering you to be the best version of you. Thus, 'Miscellaneous' is a great title as I can help you pretty much in any area of your life whether it is business, private or lifestyle. I do so with a smile on my face, endless energy and bring a little cheer along the way too!