Shan’s Home Office

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Shan admitted she had a lot of stuff in general.
Initially we sorted through her bedroom drawers and brought in some systems and tidied up putting like with like, but what became obvious was that Shan did not have a good space in which to work.  Shan ran a burgeoning business and she was keen to bring some organisation into her life.
I discovered a filing cabinet hidden in a cupboard, which we brought out and took downstairs. I then suggested that Shan work from downstairs with more room, space and light. I created a filing system for her downstairs area and re-arranged her books and even brought her whiteboard down.
Immediately everything felt more organised and Shan can now work in a calmer environment and therefore be more productive.
If you need to work from home, but don’t have a good productive office space get in touch to have a chat about how I could help.