Sheera Home Move

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Sheera had a lot of possessions gathered over the years. Some items were high value but others were low value but with high sentimental value attached to them. I helped Sheera identify what should be kept and what could be sold to raise collateral. 

Time was of the essence as Sheera’s property sold through quickly and her move was imminent. Sheera drafted me in to handle the logistics, the packing, but also the organisation of boxes. This was so we could separate things to be sold versus things to be stored or sent directly to temporary accommodation. 

It was literally a military operation and needed precision organisational skills and a cool head. 

We achieved the job by the skin of our teeth. 

Having worked with Sheera, for over a year, I am delighted to tell you that Sheera is now settled into her new home. She has a new lease of life and although the process has been challenging, she is now free of the clutter that held her back and able to live her new life fully and joyfully.

“I got in touch with Beth of Lifestyle Concept as I felt stuck in a rut. My husband died five years ago and slowly I became less and less interested in our home. It got to the state where every room was becoming cluttered so I couldn’t think, find anything quickly and my beautiful home became a frantic mess. With Beth’s gentle and sympathetic sensitivity combined with her structured and organisational skills I am regaining my home. Beth is not just about decluttering your home but also a nurturer of your wellbeing. She is magic and miracle all in one.”

Sheera – Dorset