Stationery fiend?

I was with a client recently and she admitted she loved stationery. Having been a PA that makes sense. Here’s how you declutter your stationery –


  • Ask yourself – how many pens and pencils do you actually need? In truth, there is probably no definitely answer but let’s say 20 of each. If so, why not go through your pens (if you have the time) and check which ones you like. Anything else can go.
  • Folders/files and the like. We never need as many of these as we think we do. I would say 6 of each is all that is needed. Anything else (for instance items that can be archived) can be bound with string and put in plastic boxes and into the attic or suitable storage facility
  • Rubbers/staples/paperclips – again ask yourself, do you really need as many as you have?


The easiest way to declutter is to ask yourself a) is it useful b) do I need it c) have I got my use out of it already and how many do I really need?  One of the best places to declutter your stationery is a local school.   Most schools struggle with funding so your donations of pens, pencils and other items of stationery will be, I am sure, most welcome.