My Professional attributes

Fully insured & DBS checked
APDO registered (Association of Professional Declutterers)
ICO (Data registration approved)
Mental Health First Aider & First Aider
Completed two courses on Home Styling and Visual Merchandising with highly qualified professional
Worked within fashion and beauty & Aesthetics industries
Acute interest in all things aesthetic
Documents are available to be inspected upon request

Working Hours
9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, unless by prior arrangement/flexibility is offered where appropriate
Half an hour break for lunch – I will provide my own lunch and water (this is not deducted from the package deals)

Package of £350 for 11 hours (fee structure and fee to be agreed before commencement of job)

  • Delivery of items to charity shops
  • Fuel to and from premises (if within Dorset boundary). If outside Dorset boundary an extra £10 will be added to fee to cover fuel costs
  • Bin liners and labels etc as required
  • Support in between and ideas and solutions from a style/home living perspective
  • No hidden costs – includes dropping off items to potential sale places (ie clothing shops) etc
  • If you wish to sell clothing I can put you in contact with people who can help you with this

If required, to complete the job in a timely fashion, I will source this at a reasonable price
The cost of this accommodation will be incurred by you, the client

Working Environment
I am allergic to cigarette smoke and can therefore only work in smoke free environments. Although I can tolerate a small amount of dust I would kindly ask that the area is well ventilated. I will wear a mask where required.

I like to work in fresh air and good lighting so that I can do the job properly for you.

As I work through your space and your home (as directed by you) things could look worse before they look better, however I can assure you that I will always leave your premises in a neat and tidy manner.

Animals are great but they hinder decluttering.  Please can I ask that your beloved pet is out of the room we are working in.  This also applies to children unless they are happy to help and are of an age that they understand the process.

I am happy for the family to be involved in decluttering but family members who may not be on board may hinder the process.  Please accept that the process may be slower if a family member is wishing to work at a different pace or to a different agenda than the one you wish to follow.

Small Item Removal
I will remove items destined for a charity shop ONLY but will not remove items destined for the Recycling Centre or refuse facility. I can, however, provide you with a list of local recycling facilities or, if needed, a SKIP. I will list items on freecycle also to aid in the process of donating goods.

Large Item Removal
I will source for you, at no extra cost, a removal service or charities who collect

This can be made up to two days before your scheduled appointment.

Cancellation at a shorter notice will incur a charge of £50.00 to cover loss of earnings. I am however more than happy to accept re-arranges in the same week (if doable) and of course, with plenty of notice. I am flexible but want to encourage a high level of commitment to the decluttering process as if you were working with any other coach.

Is via Whatsapp only.   That way I can send you documents, and we have a record of our agreed points and support along the way.  Alternatively, email is acceptable.

Payment accepted by BACS transfer
Payment of 50% of the invoice total payable before start of declutter.(packages only)

Balance of 50% to be paid six weeks after start of job or sooner if job completed in six weeks.

If a longer project, then a monthly invoice can be raised which will be required to be settled upon receipt.

If you wish to pay in advance if you are taking a package, then the hours can be called off to suit your timescale/wants and needs.

Initial Consultation
Complimentary phone or Zoom consultation (30 minutes) or facetime offered prior to commencement of services (any extra time is chargeable dependent on size of job). If within a reasonable distance a face to face meeting will be arranged, maximum of 40 minutes.

Code of Ethics
I agree to abide by the Code of Ethics as set out by APDO (Association of Professional Declutters & Organizers)

A level of commitment to move forward is kindly requested as I will commit to you.  This is never an easy process, but I am here to make it smoother. If you follow the methodology I suggest, vast improvements will be made quickly. We will work as a team.

Client Confidentiality and Privacy Policy
This is key and I respect you, your home and your surroundings
Please see for my privacy terms

If you are in agreement I would like to take before and after photos of the work that I do. This helps me promote my business and show others what I can do for them. If you are happy for me to share these photos on social media (not revealing any private information of course) can I ask that you sign a copy of the Photo Release Form (attached).