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Here are some of the lovely things my clients have said about my services.

Beth is one of those special people who genuinely loves to help others.  Ever since I was lucky enough to find Beth to discuss clearing space and organising my home I was met with a down to earth lady of genuine warmth, care and positive energy.

From the start Beth has gone above and beyond to help me reach the goals aimed for.  My home has now become an organised and much brighter place with a lovely sense of spaciousness!

It is great too know that someone like Beth, with her diverse skills and genuinely caring ways is out there.  I feel blessed.

Julia, Bournemouth 

I am so grateful I came across the advert for Elizabeth’s advert on fb She has helped me so much !
From organising my flat , sharing inspiring ideas with me for my home , helped me with paper work, admin and general solutions hints and tips to help improve my self development.
She is one in a million and a great find! I will continue to use Elizabeth moving forward and can’t recommend her enough x


Lisa, Bournemouth

Beth is a wonderful lady, who comes into your house like Mary Poppins with her bag of goodies.Beth would work with you sorting through all the things that you needed to get rid of or keep. There was also a bag for charity which Beth would take with her so you had no worries about what I would do with it now.  Beth was very resourceful which came to getting rid of other stuff as she would list it for sale or free collection for you which took that hassle away. Beth gave me ideas on storage so it makes everything much neater and organised. Beth has totally transformed my house. I am so grateful to Beth and will definitely use her help again.


Cheryl – Chichester, West Sussex

I recruited the help of Beth as I was feeling overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of ‘stuff’ I had accrued over the years.  Facing a move and drastic downsize I couldn’t really see the wood for the trees and lacked the motivation and desire to rifle through masses of possessions many of which had not seen the light of day for a number of years.  Beth came around and her enthusiasm was contagious.  She asked me to pick a room and we got stuck in together, item by item and drawer by drawer she gave a rational and impartial view on what I really needed and what I definitely didn’t! She wasn’t pushy, just full of energy and enthusiasm for the task in hand, which made up for what I lacked.  I realised that all this unnecessary bumpf; clothes, books, bags, shoes and other assorted junk most of which I never used, had become a weight round my neck.  She even bagged it up and delivered it to the charity shop.  Have I missed anything? Regretted getting rid of anything? Can I even remember what the ‘stuff’ was?  Not for one moment.  I definitely know that without her help I wouldn’t have done it and I certainly wouldn’t have done it so quickly and enjoyably.  A most highly recommended service!

Helen – Brockenhurst, Hampshire

Beth came and helped me declutter my bedroom and make some stress free work space for myself.
She brought some clear boxes, pretty folders, dynamo tape and a lot of enthusiasm.
She was such a miracle worker and didn’t force me to throw out stacks of stuff.
Everything is still neat and tidy and I don’t stress about where to file or find things anymore.
It was 100 % worth it.
Thank you Beth

Deborah – Reading, Berkshire

I recently took advantage of The Lifestyle Concept’s decluttering service and was extremely satisfied. Like many people I know, I had been wanting to sort out all my clothes for a long time but just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to do it on my own. Arguably I could have done it on my own but much like the fact I don’t do my own accounts, because I’m not particularly good at maths, I decided to employ the services of an expert – Beth.
Beth prepared me fully in advance with a simple and handy tips sheet so on the day I was prepared and raring to go. In just four hours we went through three wardrobes and endless drawers of clothes sending five bags to the charity shop and one to material recycling!
Beth rearranged all the clothes I was keeping into themes and colours back into the wardrobes and drawers and even took the bags to the charity shop – it’s all part of her service.
What was great is that when the job was done there was no mess, nothing left behind and Beth handled everything very helpfully and professionally. She has even offered to list a few items on Ebay for me which frankly I probably would have put off for as long as I have sorting my wardrobes!
Thanks Beth. xx

Vicky – Christchurch, Dorset 

Having got to the stage where I could fit nothing more in any of my wardrobes, but not knowing where or how to get straight, in desperation I searched online and found Beth’s website. I left her a message and she quickly responded and came round to chat and, while I had lots of clutter in every cupboard, it was the wardrobes which needed to take priority.

In just two sessions she helped me sort out five bin bags of clothes which she took away to either sell, give to charity, or ditch. She then rearranged my wardrobes so that I could easily find any item of clothing. Not only that, but the sale of the discarded clothes went a long way to covering Beth’s fee. Since then I have been inspired to start tackling some of the other clutter, but would never have been able to do so if Beth hadn’t shown me the way.

I have no hesitation in recommending Beth to anyone in a similar position of feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. I wish I’d contacted her a long time ago!

Sandra – Westbourne, Bournemouth 

I enlisted Beth’s services to help me declutter my home after struggling to do so on my own due with a newborn baby! It was comforting to know that Beth also has ADHD and was therefore able to approach the situation with both empathy and also enough ‘oomph’ so as not to let me procrastinate. Beth’s calm approach helped me to stay on track and we were able to get through a huge amount in a short space of time. Her service really is the full package from the physical decluttering to the removal of any rubbish/charity shop run and the selling of certain items on your behalf, to the cleaning the decluttered space, the suggestions of things to purchase to keep things tidied away as well as suggestions in how to dress the room differently to maximise space and aesthetics. She really offers the full package – throw in with that a lot of conversation and little bit of therapy, not only were my rooms decluttered but my mind too! Cannot recommend enough!

Charlotte, Marlow, Buckinghamshire