There’s cash in the attic

Are you someone, like many, who have an attic where ‘everything’ has been shoved on the basis that you may get around to decluttering that space soon?


You are not alone, the attic is the nemesis of many a household, especially as attics are normally a) too hot (in the Summer); too cold (in the Winter) and could be fully of drafts, spiders and goodness knows what else. I decluttered mum’s attic years ago; turns out

Dad had a Hornby Model train set, about one year off being a rusty pile of metal. Luckily, we saved it, sold it and made £500 in the process!


My top tips to decluttering your attic:


Ask yourself if you even know what is up there and have you missed the said item(s)?

Are there some items that could possibly generate income?

Ask yourself honestly, do you really need to keep clutter that you will probably never look at again or even miss?


If you free up your attic you could even create a future living space if you feel the need to extend upwards.