Vicky’s Clothes Decluttering

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My client had, by her own admission, too many clothes, and knew she had to declutter. Her clothes were distributed between three wardrobes, with no particular theme. I suggested that we create three distinct wardrobes, Summer, Winter and her working wardrobe. I suggested that she then move across items into Winter as the Season changed but in reverse, moved Summer items into her working wardrobe again, as Spring changed into Summer.

These photos show before and after my decluttering. The cupboards and drawers were cleared and tidied, including shoes which were stored in a trunk. I sorted her clothes into colours, re-hung them on matching hangers and created a better wardrobe both visibly and practically. I tidied her chest of drawers and created separate drawers for lounge wear, underwear and sleep wear.

If you need help with your wardrobe get in touch so we can have a chat about how I can help

I recently took advantage of The Lifestyle Concept’s decluttering service and was extremely satisfied. Like many people I know, I had been wanting to sort out all my clothes for a long time but just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to do it on my own. Arguably I could have done it on my own but much like the fact I don’t do my own accounts, because I’m not particularly good at maths, I decided to employ the services of an expert – Tracey.
Tracey prepared me fully in advance with a simple and handy tips sheet so on the day I was prepared and raring to go. In just four hours we went through three wardrobes and endless drawers of clothes sending five bags to the charity shop and one to material recycling!
Tracey rearranged all the clothes I was keeping into themes and colours back into the wardrobes and drawers and even took the bags to the charity shop – it’s all part of her service.
What was great is that when the job was done there was no mess, nothing left behind and Tracey handled everything very helpfully and professionally. She has even offered to list a few items on Ebay for me which frankly I probably would have put off for as long as I have sorting my wardrobes!
Thanks Tracey. xx

Vicky – Christchurch, Dorset