Too many quotes?

I am a big fan of a motivational quote. In fact, on my phone, I have Daily gratitude’s and daily Affirmations. I love them. However, they are on my phone and therefore out of the way, not causing clutter.


With our new found awareness of the importance of mental health, the shops are full of inspirational quotes to pick us up every day.


They are great, but enough is enough. How many do you actually need and, if you have too many, how can you possibly read each and every one, every day?  Also, with so many it can be distracting and actually make you feel a bit overwhelmed.


My advice is this. Take 3 quotes or inspirational mantras that really make you smile.  For example, I have a poem that I love, which is framed and I read it every morning. On my bedroom wall I have Wake up, Kick Ass, repeat.  I find it gets me going in the morning.


What I am saying is, by all means, have a few quotes, but less is definitely more and with less distraction you can focus on the words of support and comfort.