Top tip to staying positive

We all like to stay positive, do we not, but boy, is it sometimes really tricky to do so! here are my top tips to staying positive, whatever life is throwing at you right now


  • Stay in the moment. It is truly a great idea to live in the moment and neither reflect back or project forward. Just enjoy each day as it comes and learn any lessons along the way
  • Walk in nature. Try to walk every day, whatever the weather. Even a walk in the rain clears your head and sets up you for the day or for an early night in bed
  • Take baths – having a bath is one of the best ways to soothe a troubled mind
  • Eat well – food is our fuel – careful what you put in so that you get the best results out
  • Exercise is a great way to shake away those negative thoughts.
  • Practice mindfulness – minding what thoughts come into your head is so important. We can all go down rabbit holes of fear, try and stay above on dry land where the scenery is better and you can breathe more easily.