The best way to declutter is to feel the urge to let go so strongly, that you cannot think of anything else. I always say, no-one can make you do anything. You need to be ready to purge yourself of anything you no longer require.  That requires you to know what you like and what you don’t like and to be willing and able to let go.

The best way to declutter is to put aside a day or a few hours, and simply start one drawer at a time.  By starting small, you can ease yourself into the process and once you get the hang of it, you may even start to enjoy it. After all, letting go is so liberating!

There is so much information about the benefits of being decluttered on the internet now; articles like the one below sum up the benefits quite nicely.

So how do you start?

You will need the following tools, so make sure you pull these together before you start.

  • Black bin bags for the rubbish
  • A white bag for recycling
  • A coloured bag or similar for charitable donations
  • White labels for labelling the bags up
  • Thick marker pen
  • Lots of water
  • Lots of coffee (if that is your thing)
  • Windows open
  • Blinds up
  • Fresh air

You will need to create piles…

  • Chuck (as in your domestic bins)
  • Recycle (in your domestic recycling bins)
  • Charity shop donations
  • Sell
  • Give away to friends
  • Keep

Anything that is leaving your home, i.e. charitable donations, or gifts to friends, need to be put by the door or better still, put into your car; it will help you so much.

Set aside a day/time to do it and start small. Never look at the bigger picture, when it comes to decluttering, it’s best to start with a small area you know you can confidently handle. Ideally start with the area that bugs you the most, the one that is causing the biggest challenges in your home.

The other best way to declutter is to involve your entire family in the process. After all, you are going to need some help and if your family are on board, half the battle will already be won.

I never make decluttering an onerous exercise or one I dread, and neither should you. If you know your mind (and that is a key component on the best way to declutter), then letting go should be easy.  Hardly a day goes by when I don’t quickly throw away or donate something that has appeared in a drawer, which I no longer use or want.

The biggest block any of us face is when we have spent money on an item that we no longer need or want.  That is where selling sites like eBay, Vinted, Gumtree, or Facebook Marketplace come into their own.  In most cases, if there is still value in your item, then money can be recouped.  However, we have got so used to thinking that the thing we bought a few years ago, still has value.

Unless it is an antique, there is little to no value left in the item.  I always think like this. You paid a price you were happy with. You wore it, used it, and loved it. You have had your money’s worth and now it’s time to let go. If you get a few pounds back, you have done well but weigh up the costs of your time versus what you are going to get back in monetary terms. It may not be worth the hassle, in which case, charities are crying out for donations and some charities are even happy to collect.

The best way to declutter, in my mind, is to supress those feelings of lack that all of us may feel from time to time, embrace the joy of what you once liked, and open your heart and mind to generosity. Remember what you give out you get back tenfold and there is nothing more heart-warming than thinking of someone else getting pleasure out of your unwanted stuff.

With Love